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We are thrilled and honored to be working with two organizations that are making a huge impact both globally and within the United States – KIVA, The Humane Society of The United States, and Mountain2Mountain.



Kiva is a Nonprofit Organization that provides loans to small family owned businesses around the world – and YOU contribute by loaning, rather than donating, funds in increments of $25. On the Kiva website, you can select who you would like to support, and loan them $25. You will eventually receive your $25 back once the loan has been repaid, which you can then re-loan if you choose. We are thrilled to call Kiva a Launching Partner.


The HSUS is the largest animal protection group in the United States. They work tirelessly on animal rescue, disaster preparedness, and giving voices to animals that do not have one.The HSUS changes the lives of animals throughout the country, and we are excited to share their work with our bloggers!


Founded by Shannon Galpin, a survivor of a violent act, Mountain2Mountain is a Colorado based Organization that has been helping to change lives for quite some times. Galpin has mainly focused her work overseas in Afghanistan, the country in which women are the most oppressed. Here M2M has helped to open a school for deaf children, and Galpin has provided a voice for the many women who are wrongly imprisoned. M2M is kicking off their first project in the US shortly, and we can’t wait to share their work with you!




If your organization is interested in learning more about a Partnership with Charitable Influence, please contact Heidi Oran at

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