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Our Mission

Change the world.

That’s our mission.

Using one voice at a time.


For some, that’s awfully vague so we’ve created a more formal mission statement.


Charitable Influence aims to provide an effective connection between bloggers and their unique voices, to charities and nonprofit organizations and the important causes they represent. In this connection lies a link that is so often overlooked – that of human compassion at a personal level and its interdependence to world issues on a major scale.

Our foundation is bloggers and social media influencers who have the hearts and the means to catalyze change in the world. Part of our mission is to help bloggers connect with causes that speak to their passions while creating and sustaining value to the skills they bring to those causes.

Lastly, we aim to bring stories of inspiration and change to keep us motivated in knowing that every voice can make a difference.



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