Google+ We told the world “Girls Matter”

We told the world “Girls Matter”

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I like to think that even though we are a young network, we are a small but mighty group of women.

(For the record, we are not limited to women. I encourage men to actually join the network!)

And if I had any doubt, last week took all of that away. I was so proud and honored to work with CARE on their efforts to raise awareness to ending child marriage on International Day of the Girl.

Here’s what happened:

- You tweeted.

- You posted on Facebook.

- You blogged.

Right now, we are only tracking those efforts in social media that you share directly with us but I can tell you that collectively we made a difference. For me, personally, the day I wrote my post, I had an very high level of traffic and a good number of comments, considering the topic.

I’m proud to be a part of this team and proud to continue our relationship with CARE.

I’m also proud to once again recognize all those bloggers who participated in this campaign through blog posts.

Kathy from Little Cheesehead on the Prairie writes The Choice:

“Although getting married at the age of twenty-one was not the smartest thing I ever did and doing so had psychological issues written all over it in big, black Sharpie, it was still my choice to do so.  Just as it was my choice to end it.”

Rubber Chicken Madness writes How blessed I am:

“I was a 24-year-old bride at the center of  a gorgeous event. And, while the marriage itself didn’t last forever, the memories of that day are precious to me.

What’s more precious to me now, though, is the idea that I chose marriage. I chose my  husband. I chose when and where and how to marry. I chose it for myself as an adult.”

Fadra (that’s me) from all.things.fadra writes A Little Girl’s Dreams:

“We can plan and hope and even alter our future because we have one thing: CHOICE. We have a choice. We decided where and when and if we want to get married. And believe it or not, in this day and age, women all over the world don’t have this choice. They are forced to marry. Even worse? The same thing is happening for little girls.”

Paula from Big Green Pen writes International Day of the Girl 2012:

“Even though some of the trappings of my wedding were not precisely what I had dreamed about, the important thing is that I was 27 years old, had had an opportunity to spend almost three years living in New York City, had the economic means to support myself if I needed to, had access to an array of options for family planning, and was marrying my best friend, someone who respected me and loved me.”

Cristie from The Right Hand Mom writes Let Girls Be Girls:

“No matter how much I whine and moan, I went into this journey of marriage with eyes wide open and willingly picked The Husband to travel with. I did it after I graduated college and had a job and knew where I was going with life (or at least I thought so at the time). I married young, but still old enough to have lived life on my terms first.”

Carolyn from This Talk Ain’t Cheap writes Ending Child Marriage with CARE on the International Day of the Girl:

“With three daughters, I know that I want the same for them. I want them to take their time and not rush into a marriage. I don’t care if they get married in their 20′s or in their 30′s but I want them to find someone they love, who will love them, and I want them to be happy and feel secure in their choices.”

Alex from Late Enough writes How I Met My Scott:

“We were both 25-years-old and madly in love. A little young. A little foolish. But ready and thoughtful and willing to commit.

One month and ten years after our first date, we have more love, joy and laughter than ever.”

Carolina from Sew Carolina Knits writes Help end Child Marriage…CARE empowering girls through education:

“I have two girls that are growing into young women.  My girls are smart, funny, and making plans and dreams for college and their future.  They both love to watch the TV show ‘Say yes to the dress’ and envision what their special day will be like.  I too have dreams for them: a fulfilling education, time giving back to their community and one day finding a mate who will respect and love them for who they are while creating a partnership for life.”

Megan from Sunshine Wonderland writes Not every girl gets to choose who and when to marry:

“In all that time, I felt blessed I had the ability to make my own choices, learn who I was, enjoy my own company, and enter a lifetime partnership as a mature and responsible adult.

While I am hardly an exception in our society, in other societies I would never been able to make my own decision for when and who I would marry.”

Jen from Born Just Right writes Looking ahead for my girls and all girls:

“This pictures shows one of my most favorite places in the world, Mackerel Cove, Maine. What Jordan doesn’t know is her dad and I have a dream that she’ll have a simple ceremony some day at this spot when she’s ready to get married.”

Danielle from Living4Everyday writes International Day of the Girl:

“Being alone right now is nothing short of a blessing because we, as women, should strive for something more. From Joan of Arc to Tina Turner, we’ve taken the hurt, pain and oppression then turned into fuel for our fire, a rise to power, greatness and attribution to our destiny.”

I loved reading every single post and thank you for continuing to use your voices to raise awareness and support for causes we care about.

~ Fadra



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