Google+ Book Club Details!

Book Club Details!

Most of you have received your copies of The Blue Sweater or have picked one up from your local library and are ready to go! We are too – but we just have to wait on a few more people receiving theirs to officially declare a Book Club kick-off.

Here is a rough outline of how the Book Club will unfold. This is all very flexible and we will adjust accordingly if group members wish to speed things up. We are allowing plenty of time to read and discuss at this point.



Book Club officially commences on Monday, July 16th, 2012.

Note: We hope to keep the discussions ongoing, and as mentioned above, this is just a guideline to keep us all somewhat on the same schedule.

July 16 – Read & discuss Chapters 1 & 2

July 23 – Read & discuss Chapters 3 & 4

July 30 – Read & discuss Chapters 4 & 5

August 6 – Read & discuss Chapters 6 & 7

August 13 – Read & discuss Chapter 8

August 20 – Read & discuss Chapter 9

August 27 – Read & discuss Chapter 10

September 3 – Read& discuss  Chapter 11

September 10 – Read & discuss Chapter 12

September 17 – Read & discuss Chapter 13

September 24 – Read & discuss Chapter 14

October 1 – Read & discuss Chapter 15


If you would like to just go ahead and read the whole thing, please do. I promise you that you will have no problem reading and re-reading this book. I have read it myself at least 8 times in a year! I catch something new every time I read it, and appreciate it even more.

For those who are not members of our Facebook group but would like to join in & read, you can sign up here.



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