Google+ Vital Voices: Adimaimalaga Tafuna’i Recognized with Economic Empowerment Award

Vital Voices: Adimaimalaga Tafuna’i Recognized with Economic Empowerment Award

Samoa is a little island nation right smack in the middle of the Pacific. Hopefully, you know that but if you don’t, you aren’t alone. We often don’t think about the geographic matters that aren’t directly related to us. But the geography is exactly what makes Samoa such a challenging place to live.

Because it is so isolated with a limited market for economic growth, many Samoans leave home to work abroad and send money home to their families. Adimaimalaga Tafuna’i (Adi, for short) decided  to do something about it. Her business sense helped her to understand that to create a trade economy with Samoa, which isn’t a viable location for regularly commerce, she would have to find and cultivate a product that was unique to Samoa and of high value to other nations.

She found that product with Virgin Organic Coconut Oil and created an economy for the women in village life when she formed a partnership with The Body Shop. The work that she is doing is sustainable for her people and she is now lending her expertise to other Pacific Island nations.

Vital Voices recognized her business savvy with a heart at their Global Leadership Awards in Washington, DC when they honored her with the Economic Empowerment Award. When I saw Adi speak, you could see and hear the emotion she carries for the people she has helped. I was touched by her knowledge, determination, and above all, her passion. Please take a moment to learn more about this remarkable woman.

And if Adi’s efforts speak to your heart, learn more about what Women in Business Development SAMOA is doing by visiting their website, liking them on Facebook, and following them on Twitter.



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