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Join the Movement to End Child Labour


Today is International Labor Organizations annual World Day Against Child Labour.

This means that today we raise awareness about the 215 million children worldwide that are not living as children. The children who are not free to play, and enjoy the brief moments that we have in our lives to be innocent.

At least half of this number experience the “worst forms” of what child labour may entail. This includes “physical, psychological or moral suffering” – which not only as Mother, but as a compassionate human being, breaks my heart in ways that I cannot put into words.

The ILO states their goals for World Day Against Child Labour on their website – which includes:


  • Universal ratification of the ILO’s Conventions on child labour (and of all ILO core Conventions)
  • National policies and programmes to ensure effective progress in the elimination of child labour
  • Action to build the worldwide movement against child labour

Join the movement to end Child Labour by educating yourself, and spreading awareness.



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